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Temporarily Friday only from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM (Holiday’s Excluded)

Lunch Specials include steamed rice and pop

L1. Chicken Curry with Vegetables
L2. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce
L3. Chicken with Broccoli
L4. Beef Curry with Vegetables
L5. Beef with Black Bean Sauce
L6. Beef with Broccoli
L7. Beef with Black Pepper and Onions
L8. Beef with Satay Sauce(Peanut Butter)
L9. Shrimp Curry with Vegetables
L10. Deep Fried Shrimp with Sweet & Sour OR Curry Sauce
L11. Fish Curry with Vegetables
L12. Fish with Black Bean Sauce
L13. Buddha’s Delight
The following items does not include steamed rice.
L14. Chicken Chow Mein
L15. Beef Chow Mein
L16. Shrimp Chow Mein
L17. Vegetables Chow Mein
L18. Chicken Fried Rice
L19. Beef Fried Rice
L20. Shrimp Fried Rice
L21. Mix Fried Rice
L22. Vegetables Fried Rice
L23. Masala Mixed Fried Rice